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Product Name Unit Price(Rs.) No.of Units Total
1. Varanashi Composter (500 gm pack)
2. Varanashi Trijaivika-H (500 gm pack)
3. Varanashi Pepper Bio-mix (60 lt bag)
4. Varanashi Sasyahar (3 lt pack)
5. Varanashi Co-compost (60 lt bag)
6. Varanashi Bio-compost (60 lt bag)
7. Varanashi Bio-compost (15 lt bag)
8. Varanashi Agro mix (40 kg)
9. Varanashi Agro mix (10 kg)
10. Varanashi Biospray (1 kg pack)
11. Varanashi Tricho Plus (500g pack)
12. Varanashi Compost cover (1 unit)
13. Varanashi Vanilla (one number)
14. Varanashi vanilla(Two in tube)
15. Varanashi vanilla powder 10g
16. Krishi Mitra Trolly
17. Dumper for KMT

  1. Compost manures are likely to loose weight due to drying, hence, sold on Volume (lts) basis.
  2. Free delivery upto the nearest transport office. Varanashi Vanilla will be delivered by Post/Courier.
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On receipt of your valid order we will send you the payment instruction. The materials will be dispatched within 10 days from the receipt of the payment.

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